Anesthesia Technician Salary: An Overview in 2023

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The average salary of Anesthesia Technicians
Anesthesia Technician Salary by years of experience, education, industry, and state
Anesthesia Tech job outlook

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The Average Salary of Anesthesia Technicians

Anesthesia Technicians work with Anesthesiologists to prepare patients and the anesthesia equipment and supplies before administering the anesthesia.

They are also referred to as Anesthesia Techs or Anesthesia Technologists.

An Anesthesia Technologist’s Salary varies depending on different factors.

The level of experience, education, additional skills, and industry are some of the top determinant factors on how much an Anesthesia Tech takes home.

Anesthesia Technician salary overview

Further, the city and state an Anesthesia Technician’s work influence how much they earn.

That said, let’s look into the stats from the different salary compensation platforms to determine the Anesthesiologist Tech Salary when all these factors are held constant. estimates that the average annual salary of Anesthesia Technicians is $63,669.

According to the platform, the monthly payment is $4,508, while the hourly rate is around $27.29. further reveals that 47% of Anesthesia Technicians are satisfied with their income.

On the other hand, projects that the Anesthesia Tech Salary is around $47,500 per year.

Their hourly rate is $18.36.

In contrast, projects an annual income of $44,303, with the majority earning between $39,306 and $50,749.

Zippia’s Anesthesia Technicians’ average salary is in the same range as and

According to Zippia, these Healthcare Professionals earn around $41,000 annually.

Anesthesia Techs in the 10th percentile earn an average of $28k.

Those in the 25th and 75th percentile take home $33k and $51k, respectively.

Most Anesthesia Technicians’ salaries range from $33k to $51k.

Top earners earn nothing less than $62k.

Anesthesia Technician Salary by Years of Experience

As we mentioned early, several factors determine just how much an Anesthesia Tech earns.

Top on the list of these factors is the level of experience.

The more experienced, the higher the Anesthesia Technician’s salary. gives an average hourly rate depending on experience as follows.

Anesthesia Technician with less than one year’s experience can expect to earn $15.72 per hour.

The hourly rate goes up if an Anesthesia Tech has 1-4 years of experience.

At this level, they earn an average of $17.22 per hour.

As they advance to mid-career, that is 5-9 years of experience; the hourly rate is 19.09.

Experienced Anesthesiology Technicians with 10-19 years of experience roughly earn $20.49 per hour.

And lastly, in their late careers, that’s 20+ years in the industry, an Anesthesiologist Technician’s salary is $21.

Anesthesia Technician Salary by Years of Experience has different statistics on the average Anesthesia Technician Salary by years of experience.

According to the platform, Anesthesia Techs with less than a year’s experience earn $59,000.

Between 2-5 years, the salary increases by 34% to $79,200.

When the experience increases to 5-10 years, their salary goes up by 30% from the previous level of experience, which brings an Anesthesiologist Technician’s pay to103k.

Anesthesia Technicians with 15-20 years in the healthcare industry earn $136k.

This is 9% more than what they earn with 5-10 years of experience.

Finally, as they become even more seasoned in the craft, that’s over 20 years; Anesthesia Technicians earn around $143k, which is 5% more than what they make with 15-20 years of experience.

From the stats, it’s clear that experience plays a major role in how much Anesthesia Techs earn.

In the early years, it’s tough since the salary is modest.

As one gains experience, their salary goes up, which will come with a more demanding job description.

Level of ExperienceAverage Annual Income (USD)
0-2 years59,000
2-5 years79,200
5-10 years103,000
10-15 years125,000
15-20 years136,000
20+ years143,000

Anesthesia Technician Average Earnings by Education Level

Anesthesia Technicians have different educational backgrounds.

The minimum requirement is an associate degree.

However, there are Anesthesia Technologists with bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees.

The level of one’s education determines how much one earns.

Compensation data from reveals that the average base salary for Anesthesia Technician with a bachelor’s degree is $83k.

Those with a master’s degree earn $116k.

Meaning, that obtaining a master’s degree increases an Anesthesia Technician’s Salary by 39%.

Further, an additional certification is a great way to increase the potential to earn more.

Anesthesia Technologist Salary by State

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the national average income for surgical technicians, which an Anesthesia Technician is part, is $48,530.

The average hourly rate is $23.33.

While that’s the avg, the actual amount an Anesthesia Technician earns is influenced to a great extent by their geographical location.

Anesthesia Technician jobs in some states pay more than others because of the high cost of living.

The top five paying states in the USA include Massachusetts, Hawaii, Connecticut, Tennessee, and Minnesota.

In Massachusetts, Anesthesia Technicians earn an average of $69,669.

Anesthesiology Technician Salary in Hawaii is $68,830 per year.

The third position is Connecticut, where an Anesthesia Technology Salary is $68,282.

Next is Tennessee.

In Tennessee, the salary estimate for Anesthesiology Techs is $67,041.

The next top payer is Minnesota, where Anesthesia Tech earns an average of $66,745.

The sixth position is Ohio.

Anesthesia Tech’s salary in Ohio is $66,549.

Next in line is Rhode Island, where Anesthesia Technologists earn $66,270.

The eighth top paying state is Washington.

An Anesthesia Technician’s salary in Washington is $65,991.

And closing the list of the top ten payers in New York.

An Anesthesia Technician’s salary in NYC is $65,281.

StateAverage Annual IncomeAverage Hourly Rate
Rhode Island$66,270$31.73
New York$65,151$31.32
North Dakota$65,117$31.31

Highest Paying Cities for Anesthesia Technicians

Just like in the states, Anesthesia Technicians who work in cities tend to earn more because of the high cost of living.

According to Indeed, the highest paying cities include Palo Alto, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston, Honolulu, and San Antonio.

In Palo Alto, California, an Anesthesia Technician’s salary is roughly $78,634.

The next top payer is Boston, where Anesthesia Technicians earn around $72,634.

The third top-paying state is Seattle, where Anesthesia Techs earn $71,418.

The fourth position is San Diego.

Anesthesia Techs working in San Diego earn $68,048.

Lastly, the fifth paying state is Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, an Anesthesia Tech Salary is $67,166.

Here is an overview of the cities where Anesthesia Technicians earn the most.

CityAverage Annual IncomeAverage Hourly Pay
Palo Alto$78,442$33.62
San Diego$68,048$29.71
Atlanta, GA$66,851$28.65
Baltimore, MD$66,614$28.55
Houston, TX$65,032$27.87
Honolulu, HI$62,528$26.80
San Antonio, TX$61,844$26.65

Anesthesia Tech Salary by Industry

Anesthesia Technicians work in the education, government, public and private sectors.

Most Anesthesia Technicians work in hospitals, ambulatory services, specialty hospitals, universities, and colleges.

Anesthesia Techs that work in these environments earn $2,590 more than those working in other industries.

Their income has the potential to grow by $15,500 more than what Anesthesia Technicians in other industries earn.

Anesthesia Tech Job Outlook

According to BLS, Surgical Technologists, which include Anesthesia Technicians, will experience a 9% growth rate between 2020 and 2030, which is as fast as the average growth rate of all occupations.

The bureau further reveals that there will be 9,000 job openings annually over that decade. 

Hence, the career outlook for these professionals is promising.


Anesthesia Technicians work hand in hand with Nurse Anesthetists and Anesthesiologists.

They are a crucial part of the Surgical team.

As such, their salary matches just how much they bring to the operating room.

Anesthesia Technician’s Salary is around $47,500, according to

The actual amount an Anesthesia Tech earns depends on their level of experience, the industry, education, and the city and state they live in.

What’s more, this is a promising career, as more job openings are predicted in the next decade.


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