Flutter Developer Salary: The Different Salaries in 2023

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The Flutter Developer Salary 
Important Factors That Determine Flutter Developer Salaries 
Highest Paying Flutter Developer Jobs In The United States 

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Flutter has been a widely-used cross-platform framework for developers who build mobile apps. 

This framework uses the special Dart programming language, enabling developers to build these amazing convenient apps for web, iOS, and Android via a single codebase.  

Since its debut in the market back in 2017, Flutter has become so popular, and more developers have embraced the use of Dart. 

Employers in the industry have specifically hired Flutter Developers for their business projects, and this is where the question of the Flutter Developer’s salary arises. 

The Flutter Developer Salary 

The average annual salary for a Flutter Developer in the U.S is $97,446. 

That annual figure comes from an hourly figure of $46.85 which amounts to $1,874 weekly and $8,120 monthly. 

The Flutter Developer Salaries can be an impressive high of $156,500 annually or be as low as $30,000. 

The 25th percentile of Flutter Developers earns $70,000, the 75th percentile earns  $121,000, while the  90 percentile, the top earners, gets $142,500 yearly across the U.S.

The Flutter Developer Salary

The pay range for these developers varies a lot which means that great opportunities for advancement and increased earnings exist.

The salary is, of course, based on years of experience, location, and skill. 

According to recent job postings on major recruitment sites, the Flutter Developers job market is thriving. 

The major factors influencing the Flutter Developer’s salary are expertise and location. 

There are locations in the U.S  where the Flutter Developer’s hourly salary is an impressive $150, while it can be 5 times less in other locations. 

Important Factors That Determine Flutter Developer Salaries 

Flutter Dart Developer salaries are determined by several factors, which are as follows: 

Level of Experience 

Flutter Developers are grouped into three levels which are: 

  • Junior Developers
  • Middle Specialists
  • Senior Developers 
Important Factors That Determine Flutter Developer Salary

Each level of Flutter Developers earns different salary amounts. 

Let us look at each:

Junior Flatter Developers

Junior Developers hold about a year of experience under their belt in coding in Dart. 

They are also well-versed in sing flutter third-party libraries.

Most Junior Flatter Developers will collaborate with a team by working on the uncomplicated app aspects. 

They will be tasked with simple things such as helping with project planning at its initial stages, fixing minor bugs, and creating features as per the direction of senior programmers. 

So this Junior Flatter Developer will earn an entry-level Mobile Developer Salary of  70,000 USD. 

Middle Flutter Developers

These Middle Specialists often have about 4 years of iOS and Android developing experience  

They can work as both Apple and Android Developers. 

They have a mastery of automated testing, Jenkins, and Git.

These Developers can comfortably handle the bigger areas of code and are usually tasked with test planning, code improvement, singling out bugs, and offering guidance to Junior Developers.

Middle Flutter Developers in the United States earn an average salary of about 110,000 USD. 

Senior Flutter Developers

Senior Developers must have about five years of experience, and this is the most experienced level of Flutter Developers. 

They are well-versed in the optimization of apps for Material Design and Swift. 

They are experienced and knowledgeable enough to handle a whole project throughout its development cycle. 

They will be majorly involved from the initial plans to the last stage of Apple deployment. 

Their high level of expertise enables them to sort out any arising complex issues and work towards delivery as expected. 

You will find these Senior Developers working with or managing a team of Middle and Junior Developers, mentoring them, and setting goals. 

Flutter Developer salary based on experience

Of course, with such great responsibilities comes higher earnings so the Senior Developer will earn an average of 130,000 USD annually. 

Here is a representation of what all these levels of Developers earn in other countries:

Region/ Level Of Developer United States South America Asia Western Europe 
Senior Flutter Developer $130,000$35,000$15,000$45,000
Middle Flutter Developer$110,000$25,000$11,000$32,000
Junior  Flutter Developer $70,000$15,000$9,000$25,000

Note how the Senior Developers are paid the highest in every country compared to the Middle and Junior Developer.

These Senior  Developers have more experience in server-side development, which is why they will earn more than those who simply focus on front-end development. 

It all comes to the level of experience. 

The Employer

There are companies with huge budgets willing to spend more for a better-finished product and increased return on investment. 

These companies will only pay for top talent and very skilled Flutter Developers. 

This is why most of them will stake out the talent pools and pick only the most experienced and skilled and be willing to pay higher rates for the services. 

If you are a Developer with little skill and experience, you might want to hone your skills and ensure that you are a competent Developer to warrant higher pay. 

Developer Skills

Most of these Flutter Developer salaries will be influenced by the programmer’s years of experience and qualification. 

But, more employers are favoring programmers who are either full-stack Developers or those who can handle more than one technology stack. 

The salary in such instances is usually high because the great demand for such skills in most flutter jobs is unquestionable. 

Flutter works perfectly with other options like Flask and .NET, for example. 

Developers who can write code in all three become more attractive to employers, and their App Developer Salary per hour will be on the higher end.  

how location affects flutter developer salary

More skills that will influence the flutter jobs salary are as follows: 

Clean Code: If you are a developer with the ability to write lesser lines of code, this means a faster development process which makes the code readable and easier to implement any software updates that may come up in the future. 

Clean code also means that third parties can comfortably work with it and make any necessary enhancements. 

Great Understanding Of Agile Methodology: With growing teams in the software development industry, any Android or iOS Developer needs to possess a strong grasp of the Agile processes.  

Processes like Scrum, which enable regular client feedback and ensure the project is on the right track and moves in the right direction, are important to master.

Great Communication: Soft skills are key in any profession, and the flutter development career is no different. 

As a technically gifted Software Engineer, it is important to understand every assignment, and this can only be possible if you can communicate with the rest of the team.  

By communicating with the rest of the team, you can respond to any feedback and make the necessary changes. 

Your Location

Your location matters a lot regarding your Flutter Developer Salary. 

In most regions, the high standards of living result in higher pay. 

Some states and cities pay more than others because of different factors. 

Flutter Developer Salaries By Countries

The United States is one of the countries that pay a very high rate of hourly Flutter Developer Salary, which can be up to $150. 

In such countries, it is the large established businesses with huge project budgets for mobile app development that hire these Developers at those rates and not the small startups. 

Other regions of the world hire Flutter Developers with four times less hourly rates than America. 

For example, Flutter Developers in Ukraine earn an average hourly rate of  $37 even though the programmers from this country are ranked among the most skillful in the world.  

In Canada, the average salary of a Flutter Developer is $55,000 annually, while a country like the Philippines pays only $11,000. 

Here is a representation of how Flutter Developers earn in different countries. 

Country Flutter Developer Salary Range 
The United States $110- 115k 
Germany $65k- 70k
France $35k-38k 
Spain$28k- $32k 
Russia $30k-$35k
Poland $46k-$50k 
Philippines $10k- $12k
Ukraine $20k- $22k
India $8- $10k 

From the above analysis, you can note that the United States has the highest Mobile Developer Salary compared to Asian and Eastern Europe countries.  

Top Paying U.S Cities For Flutter Developer Jobs 

There are top cities that stand out regarding Mobile Development Salary. 

Their rates, especially for Flutter Developer jobs, are way above the national average App Developer Salary.

San Jose, CA, tops the list, Oakland, CA, and Tanaina, AK are the cities with higher platform Developer salaries.

Tanaina’s average salary for App Developers is above the national average by 21.5%, equivalent to $20,987. 

San Jose beats the national average of $97,446 by 23.5% ($22,913).  

Flutter Developers can move to these high-paying cities to gain access to opportunities for economic advancement. 

Still, it is important that you consider the lower cost of living when deciding on the location where you want to work as a Flutter Developer.  

Highest Paying Flutter Developer Jobs in the United States 

Various jobs categorized under the Flutter Developer jobs pay more than the $97,446 average. 

Here are the job titles that pay high rates of coder salary per hour.

Remote Flutter Developer

The  Remote Flutter Developer earns an annual salary of  $ 94,079, monthly payments of  $7,840, a weekly one of $ 1,809, and an hourly rate of  $45.23. 

The Flutter Engineer

This professional earns an annual pay of $91,763, a month one of $7,647, a weekly pay of $1,765, and an hourly earning of $44,12

Dart Programming Language Developer

As for this Developer, their annual salary is $91,475, their monthly one is $7623, their weekly pay is $1,759, and an hourly rate of $43.98. 

Remote Dart Developer 

This professional earns an annual pay of $ 88,358, a monthly payment of $7,363, a weekly pay of $1,699, and an hourly rate of $42.48. 

Dart Developer 

The Dart Developer earns an annual pay of  $87,820, monthly payments of $7,318, a weekly pay of $1,689, and an hourly rate of $42.22. 


Flutter App Developer Salary depends on a lot of factors. 

We have seen how Application Developers’ Salary entry-level varies from the more experienced Developer’s salary and why.  

As a full-time software development professional, you now understand how important it is to enhance your skill level to qualify for the various Flutter Developer jobs that pay a higher Flutter App Developer Salary than the national average. 

You can even consider moving to another location for economic enhancement, thanks to a higher salary and affordable living standards. 

With more companies worldwide always considering outsourcing app or web development services, remote opportunities can also be great earners. 

The Eastern Europe Software Engineer’s salary might not match what is being paid in the U.S., but you might consider exploring such opportunities remotely. 

Overall, the Mobile Software Developer Salary is rewarding. 

Choosing to become a mobile application developer specializing as a Flutter Developer could be one of the best career moves you can ever make as a professional in the software development industry.   


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