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Dear Salary Negotiator,   Suppose I shared with you the fact that employers have far more room to negotiate with your salary than they let on? Yet, in my experience, many executives are satisfied with little negotiating and leave thousands of dollars on the table — dollars the employer was already willing to give you if you only knew how to ask!   What if I went even further and let you know that my tried and true techniques give you a completely fair advantage over the employer, a way to increase your salary by thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in cash and/or benefits?   For those of you who are interested in squeezing every last possible cent that is available for your position, you owe it to yourself to find out about every one of these strategies I have to share – you have just been dealt a winning hand!   CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK
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  “Jack, your rules #1 and #2 got me the offer. I followed your rule #3, but entirely by accident, and I made $3,500 more!   When my new employer told me the starting salary, I was speechless! I never earned that much in my life. I guess when he didn’t hear “okay,” he was worried, because after a little silence he said, “I guess we could go $3,500 higher, but that’s the best we can do.”     Marsha  

  If you are not afraid to spend a few minutes of extra time and attention in the negotiation process, I have a technique that is virtually guaranteed to add an extra $1000 – $20,000 or MORE – on to your yearly salary. If you’re looking to make more money from your position, then grab a drink, lock the door, and read every single word of this letter…  

Here’s What’s Really Going On…

It feels like employers have the advantage in salary negotiations. They’d love you to accept whatever they offer even if they’re budgeted for more. TIP: People in general, and employers in particular never start at the top. They always give themselves some negotiating space.

Employers have tens of thousands of dollars worth of negotiating room when they’re talking with you. Now you can find out how to end up with not only all of the money, but with all of the concessions and perks thrown in too! You can be as naive, inexperienced, and wet behind the ears as I was when I started — and if you follow the 5-step directions in Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute, your employer will GLADLY put more money in your paycheck. “Already more than 150,000 people have
benefited from Jack’s Salary Negotiation strategies!”

Thank god I found you! By the time I found you, Jack, I had already made a big blunder. I had low-balled myself by $10,000. They were going to get everyone’s numbers and pick the cheapest candidate (that wasn’t me!). “With words I memorized from you, I was able to get the employer to tell me the company’s salary range.”You helped me refocus the interview on my value, instead of my price. By forcing them to commit to an offer, I not only got my $10,000 back, but I ended up with a 20% increase, the car allowance and other perqs made it even better! Regards, Nathan

“You CAN get them to give you everything you want, AND feel like they came out the winner!” 

I didn’t know this beforehand, but the lab really wanted to find and keep really top-shelf people. One way they did it was to pay very well. By letting them go first, I got them to reach for a number that would keep me there for a long time!   If I had gone first with my own expectations, they would have added, say 10% and that would have been it. But using your strategies I got $13,000 over what I expected.   Bill


A Sneak Peak at Just a few of the Strategies I teach that WILL make you Unbeatable – at the Negotiation Table!

Take control of the interview” – Salary Negotiation Rule #1 will have you making them think, “We want YOU!” “Eliminate Low-Ball offers” – With you in control, you can avoid dealing with cheap offers! “Unlock the Salary Cap” – You can get them to tell you all of their locked-up secrets about their pay ranges and expectations! “The Golden Catch” – This secret strategy will set you up in their minds to be seen as worth HIGHER than the HIGHEST paid person they’re interviewing, and still keeps you in the running for top spot! And much, much more…

Are You Saying You Can Teach Me How to Find Out Everything The Employer Is Willing to Offer?

Yes, you have read correctly. No need to keep guessing whether they are letting you know their best offer or not! No more finding out after the fact that they had another $10,000 they were willing to offer the right candidate.

Just imagine how easy it is going to be when you can go in with the confidence that you’re in control. These priceless techniques are not being taught by any one else and truly make you unbeatable at the negotiating table! Would you like a couple more hot tips?

In my experience, most people lose out because they don’t know the key to winning at negotiating – Let the other person go first!

1. Avoid the Bidding War – You will never get stuck in the hunt for the cheapest candidate.

2. Lock In The Offer – By letting them go first, you have set them up with a commitment that they can’t back down from. Make them commit first.

3. Establish the “Ground Floor” – You’ll set things up so that the only way their offer can go is up!

4. Force Their Disclosure – When you understand this strategy and implement it correctly, the employer will disclose their carefully guarded secret salary numbers; they’ll be “financially naked” in front of you.   The truth is that the overwhelming majority of people who negotiate their salary don’t do any of these things.     It’s Time to Set You Up To Win Big!

Listen, if your job is where your money is coming from, it only makes sense to learn to get the best compensation possible.

Now is your chance to secure your rightful advantage at the negotiating table by employing the most effective strategies ever devised!

This revolutionary system will have your head spinning as you watch your potential employer bend over backwards to accommodate you and your demands.

Remember, I am not teaching “theory”. I am going to show you simple, immediately usable, highly effective strategies that will guarantee that you win at the negotiating table every time!

Just imagine what you could do if you added an additional $10,000 – $20,000 onto your best salary! So are you going keep hoping for the best salary, or are you going to take matters into your own hands?      

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