HVAC Salary: What Determines The Amount in 2023?

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HVAC Salary – Overview
Factors Affecting HVAC Salary
Average Salary By Work Experience
How much an HVAC Technician make
Average HVAC Salary Range By State

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HVAC Salary – Overview

The heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration Technician is responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing HVAC systems.

A person who works in this occupation might specialize in installation or maintenance and repair instead of those two areas.

While some Technicians specialize in a single system, such as heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration, others provide a more comprehensive range of services.

HVAC Salary - Overview

This line of work offers good pay within a pretty wide range depending on one’s abilities, years of experience, and geographic location.

The typical annual base salary of an HVAC Technician is $37,000.

This number fluctuates depending on the tasks that HVAC Technicians must complete.

Because residential HVAC Technicians do not face the same kinds of obstacles in their line of work as their commercial or industrial counterparts, residential HVAC Technician salaries are significantly lower.

Depending on experience level and company size, residential Technicians can make as much as $55,000 per year, while commercial Technicians can make as much as $68,000 per year.

It is essential to remember that the figures mentioned earlier represent averages and that not all HVAC Professionals earn this income level throughout their careers. 

Factors Affecting HVAC Salary

There is a wide range of pay for Industrial/commercial HVAC Technicians depending on the job type and location.

However, it is essential to first consider the business in which the Technician is employed.

Several businesses have an array of options for the amount of money they may offer their employees for providing HVAC services.

A commercial Technician’s residence location is another component determining how much money they make annually.

With the high living expenses in some regions, the hourly wage for Technicians will vary depending on the location.

In Arkansas, an HVAC Technician can earn a yearly salary of $37,918.

The average earnings for a Refrigeration Technician in Minnesota are approximately $52,000 per year.

The average annual income for an HVAC Mechanic is close to $50,000, which places this occupation among the top-paying jobs in the country. 

Average Salary By Work Experience

Like any other profession, the salaries of HVAC Technicians are determined by several factors, including how many years they’ve worked in the specialty.

With less than a year of experience, HVAC Technicians make an average hourly wage of $23.19.

With three to five years of experience, HVAC Technicians can expect an average hourly wage of $22.96.

An HVAC Technician with 6 to 9 years of experience can expect to make a median hourly wage of $28.54.

With ten or more years of experience, HVAC Technicians can expect an average hourly wage of $33.89. 

How much does an HVAC Technician make – Workplace Setting?

HVAC Salaries are also determined by company size and organization setup.

As a result, small-sized companies expectedly will pay less than Silicon Valley companies.

How much does an HVAC Technician make

The table below shows the top companies paying HVAC Technicians:

CompanyPay Per HourPer MonthPer Year
Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing$63.33$10,974.20$131,690.35
Plumbline Services$54.87$9,508.20$114,098.37
AJ Perri$51.14$8,861.84$106,342.09
Raynor Services$49.86$8,640.03$103,680.42
AZ Air Conditioning & Heating$45.27$7,844.65$94,135.83
One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating$40.58$7,031.94$84,383.30
Capital Heating & Cooling$40.27$6,978.22$83,738.68
Berkeys Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical$40.27$6,978.22$83,738.68
Johnson Controls$38.26$6,629.92$79,559.02
Gold Medal$37.56$6,508.62$78,103.42
Total Air Care, Inc.$37.09$6,427.17$77,126.09
ARS/Rescue Rooter$36.93$6,399.45$76,793.38
Addison Smith Mechanical$36.84$6,383.85$76,606.23
Haller Enterprises$35.26$6,110.06$73,320.73
United Rentals$35.09$6,080.60$72,967.23

Average HVAC Salary Range By State

Jurisdiction often affects how much an HVAC Technician will earn.

While many states pay above the national average, some states pay less.

The following table shows the state’s hourly, monthly, and annual HVAC Salary for entry-level, intermediate, senior, and supervisory levels:

STATEENTRY (<2 years)INTERMEDIATE (2-4 years)SENIOR (4-7 years)SUPERVISOR (>7 years)
New Hampshire$48,000$58,000$65,200$86,800
New Jersey$49,500$59,600$67,000$89,500
New Mexico$41,700$50,500$56,600$75,800
New York$47,800$62,200$64,900$86,300
North Carolina$43,600$51,400$58,400$78,900
North Dakota$43,300$52,400$58,900$78,400
Rhode Island$48,000$58,100$65,300$86,900
South Carolina$43,500$52,400$58,900$78,500
South Dakota$43,700$52,700$59,300$78,900
West Virginia$40,400$48,700$54,800$73,100

Top 10 Cities for HVAC Technician Salary

The tables below show the top highest-paying cities for HVAC Technicians:

Top 10 Cities for HVAC Technician Salary
CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Sunnyvale, CA$62,218$5,185$1,197$29.91
Livermore, CA$60,180$5,015$1,157$28.93
Santa Rosa, CA$60,142$5,012$1,157$28.91
Cambridge, MA$58,319$4,860$1,122$28.04
Vacaville, CA$57,198$4,767$1,100$27.50
New York City, NY$56,561$4,713$1,088$27.19
Fairfield, CA$56,505$4,709$1,087$27.17
San Mateo, CA$56,179$4,682$1,080$27.01
Lynn, MA$55,690$4,641$1,071$26.77
Anchorage, AK$55,604$4,634$1,069$26.73

HVAC Salary Comparison to Other Related Professions

Compared to other related professions, HVAC Technicians earn a competitive salary.

The table below shows the entry-level salaries of various HVAC professionals:

HVAC ProfessionHourly RateMonthly PayAnnual Pay
HVAC Installer$23.98$4,155.40$49,864.75
Service Technician$19.76$3,424.13$41,089.55
HVAC Mechanic$25.77$4,465.58$53,586.93
Air Conditioning Technician$23.38$4,051.42$48,617.09
Refrigeration Technician$25.93$4,493.30$53,919.64
HVAC Supervisor$37$6,346$76,148
HVAC Technician$18$3,083$37,000

HVAC Technician Jobs Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment opportunities for HVAC Technicians will increase by 13 percent between the years 2018 and 2028.

This rate is significantly higher than the typical growth rate seen in all other job fields combined.

The United States Department of Energy recently reported that employment opportunities related to the production of energy-efficient products are expanding.

The regulatory landscape regarding these products is undergoing shifts.

HVAC Technician Jobs Outlook

One example of these reforms is the introduction of regulations that prohibit the use of Freon in newly manufactured HVAC systems.

The expanding incentive programs offered by the United States government are another source of motivation.

These programs provide incentives to homeowners and business owners who want to install more energy-efficient systems in their buildings.

Due to the reasons above, this sector is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent professions. 


The HVAC industry is doing very well in the United States.

Because it is expected to continue growing over the next few years, it is essential for individuals interested in this career field to obtain their HVAC license and certification as soon as possible.

Working in this field allows you to gain experience on various machines in 50 states.


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