Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary: Determinant in 2023

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Average Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary
Clinical Laboratory Science Salary by state
Medical Laboratory Scientist Jobs

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Medical Laboratory Scientist – Overview

We’ll answer several salary-related questions in this piece, but we must first reconcile some key concepts.

Is there any difference between a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and a Medical Laboratory Scientist?


Medical Laboratory Scientist - Overview

Different certifying bodies award unique credential titles for the same role.

Before now, the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) awarded certification for Medical Technologists, while the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel (NCA) awarded the Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) credential.

However, the two agencies merged in 2009 to streamline the certifications.

Hence, they transitioned to the ASCP Board of Certification and began issuing the Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) certificate.

Thus, you can use the CLS and MLS interchangeably.

They’re also known as Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT).

Medical Laboratory Scientists are critical to the healthcare sector, and salaries for these revered positions are at par with the national average salary.

In the next section, we’ll shed light on the average salary of Clinical Lab Scientists.

Average Salary of Medical Laboratory Scientist

Some of the frequently asked questions on this subject matter include:

“How much do Medical Lab Scientists make?”

“How much do Clinical Lab Scientists make?”

“How much is a Medical Laboratory Scientist’s salary?”

Follow suit as we attempt to answer these questions.

Different organizations quote different figures for a Clinical Lab Tech salary.

According to Zippia, the average annual salary of Medical Lab Scientists is $50,000.

However, ZipRecruiter puts the figures at $75,712, while the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported $57,800.

Hence, from all these authoritative figures, we can reliably conclude that the salary range of Laboratory Scientists is between $50,000 and $75,000.

Zippia also reported $40,000 as the entry-level salary of Laboratory Technologists.

Most professionals who earn an entry-level Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary are either with a high school diploma or still undergoing training.

Beyond knowing how to record and interpret test results, your years of experience and educational attainments affect your earning potential.

Thus, you should acquire a bachelor’s degree to earn attractive medical laboratory salaries.

Below is a detailed breakdown of Medical Technologists’ salary:

PercentileHourly WageMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary
10th Percentile$19$3,333$40,000
25th Percentile$22$3,750$45,000
75th Percentile$27$4,750$57,000
90th Percentile$30$5,250$63,000

From the table above, you can see that you need many years of experience to move from an entry-level to a top earner.

A Clinical Laboratory Scientist with an associate’s degree should enroll in a bachelor’s degree program to garner more knowledge and take on more critical roles.

You’ll take Microbiology and Hematology courses in advanced degree programs to learn how to liaise with Physicians on diagnostics and other treatment plans.

Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary by State

Before earning the license of any state, research their remuneration for Lab Technicians because the rate varies.

For instance, Clinical Lab Scientist Salary in California is lower than in Alaska.

However, the Laboratory Scientist Salary in every state is in tandem with the cost of living.

Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary by State

Below is a table of the Clinical Lab Scientist Salary Los Angeles and other states pay:

StateHourly WageMedian Salary
District of Columbia$27.73$57,678
New Hampshire$29.26$60,853
New Jersey$28.05$58,342
New Mexico$25.12$52,246
New York$28.42$59,116
North Carolina$24.22$50,373
North Dakota$24.26$50,466
Rhode Island$27.70$57,626
South Carolina$19.54$40,644
South Dakota$23.54$48,973
West Virginia$24.88$51,748

The table above shows that the Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary Texas offers ($50,451) are lower than the mouth-watering $71,597 Oregon pays.

Hence, you may prefer Oregon due to the unattractive Clinical Laboratory Scientist Salary Texas pays.

Similarly, the Clinical Laboratory Scientist Salary California pays is more attractive than what New York offers.

Thus, the CLS salary California offers might be bait for Healthcare Professionals because everyone wants to work where they’ll receive high remunerations.

Highest Paying Cities for Clinical Laboratory Scientists

Another way of understanding Medical Lab Scientists Salary is to consider the earnings of Lab Scientists in metropolitan areas.

Knowing the highest-paying cities will help you decide where to practice.

You wouldn’t want to practice where the base salary doesn’t reflect the cost of living.

Cities with high Clinical Laboratory Scientist salary

The table below gives you an insight into the best-paying cities in the country:

CityHourly RateMedian Salary
Portland, OR$34.46$71,670
Seattle, WA$33.42$69,518
Boston, MA$29.34$61,021
Portland, ME$28.61$59,506
Salt Lake City, UT$28.49$59,254
Paterson, NJ$28.24$58,733
Philadelphia, PA$27.47$57,135
Phoenix, AZ$27.13$56,436
Colorado Springs, CO$26.49$55,096
Baltimore, MD$25.38$52,787

Clinical Laboratory Scientist Salary by Years

Some people myopically make decisions by considering data from a year; if you want to know the sustainability of a job, consider its data from the past 10 years.

Such vast considerations will make you understand the financial trajectory of the job.

Below is a 10-year comparison of Clinical Lab Scientist salaries:

YearHourly RateAverage Salary% Difference

The statistics above show that the salaries increased eight times and only decreased in 2021.

The world was still battling the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021; thus, there was a global economic downturn.

These figures assure you that the Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary Florida and other states pay increases over time; it increases yearly.

Thus, it’s an ideal profession to pursue!

Medical Laboratory Scientist Jobs

There are many jobs related to Medical Science, and we want to compare their earnings to make you broadly understand how different fields relate financially.

Histologic Technician

These professionals prepare specimens for normal and special procedures.

They work in government establishments, laboratories, and other related places.

Their average annual salary is $50,061.

Pharmacist Technician

PTs work closely with Pharmacists on their daily tasks.

They collect prescription orders, confirm them, and properly prepare the medicines before handing them over to the customers.

They serve as the bridge between Pharmacists and customers—they respond to inquiries and calm customers.

Pharmacist Technicians also update records and inventories.

Their annual average pay is $35,821.

Certified Pharmacist Technician

CPTs provide medicines to patients in line with a Physician’s directives.

An ideal CPT must broadly understand the medical industry; they must give the appropriate medicinal information and refer patients to the right Physicians.

Certified Pharmacist Technicians manage supplies, draft sales reports, and observe medicine inventories.

The median salary of Certified Pharmacist Technicians is $35,832.

Medicinal Technologist Generalist

Medicinal Technologist Generalists perform general laboratory tasks such as quality control, instrument maintenance, and routine testing.

They also initiate, perform, and assess the appropriateness of lab procedures.

These professionals receive an average of $55,355 per annum.

Medical Technologist

The main preoccupation of a Medical Technologist is to carry out lab tests with speed and accuracy.

They also gather, prepare, and highlight bodily fluid, tissue, and blood samples.

The test results are used for further diagnosis and treatments.

To ensure efficient delivery of test results, a Medical Technologist must be a team player, know how to keep data, coordinate activities in their sphere, and liaise well with Physicians.

Medical Technologists work in private clinics, laboratories, and hospitals.

They make an average of $50,764 annually.

Medical Technologist Lead

A Medical Technologist Lead is in charge of the daily operations of a clinical lab; they collaborate with other team members to ensure the effective operation and functionality of a clinical laboratory.

They adhere to established government standards, regulatory, and professional guidelines to ensure quality patient care.

The average pay of Medical Technologist Leads is $63,073 per annum.

This table below surmises median pay by related field:

Job TitleHourly RateYearly Average
Histologic Technician$24.07$50,061
Pharmacist Technician$17.22$35,821
Certified Pharmacist Technician$17.23$35,833
Medical Technologist (General)$26.61$55,356
Medical Technologist$24.41$50,764
Medical Technologist Lead$30.32$63,074

Work Environments for Medical Laboratory Scientists

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics highlighted the largest employers of Medical Laboratory Scientists in its web publication.

According to the BLS, hospitals, medical & diagnostic laboratories, and physicians’ offices are the largest employers of Lab Scientists.

Invariably, you’re likelier to secure an appointment in any work environment listed above than in other places.

While aspiring to become a club staff is good, you should ask yourself how many clubs employ Medical Laboratory Scientists.

The table below gives you an overview of Medical Lab Scientists’ work environments:

Work EnvironmentEmployment %
Hospitals (public and private)47%
Medical & Diagnostic Laboratories20%
Physicians’ Offices9%
Educational Institutions6%
Outpatient Care Centers3%


This article breaks down Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary in the simplest terms; it highlights the amount Medical Lab Scientists earn and factors that can swing the pendulum for or against you.

A Clinical Laboratory Scientist can decide to work in different work environments, but whatever decision they make will affect their earning potential.

For instance, generalists earn more than those working in academic settings.

A Club staff doesn’t earn up to a Scientist working in the hospital.

Similarly, Travel Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary is attractive because they attend to delicate issues and move from one place to another.

If you’re adventurous, you may specialize in Travel Medical Laboratory Science.

A Clinical Laboratory Scientist must be creative and hardworking to earn more than their base salary; you earn allowances when you take on more roles or work for additional time.

However, you should know how to balance stress and hard work!


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