Nutritionist Salary Outlook: Factors to Earn More in 2023

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By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of Nutritionist Salary by state, qualification, experience, workplace, and other factors impacting it. 

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Nutritionist Salary Outlook
Factors that influence Nutritionist Salary
Salary by State
Salary by Workplace
Salary by Qualification
Salary by Experience

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Career as a Nutritionist – An Introduction

Nutritionists are healthcare experts, also known as Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN), who deal with Dietetics- the food humans consume and how it impacts their health. 

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist helps the patients plan healthy meals, monitor their nutritional effects, and make changes to the diet plan as per age and lifestyle modifications.

Nutritionists also work with various healthcare facilities such as hospitals or private practices and work directly with patients with specific health concerns or diet goals.

They also deal with patients with long-term, health deteriorating ailments such as diabetes, obesity, and even cancer after consulting their dietary plans with their Physicians. 

nutritionist salary outlook

In addition, they offer and monitor nutritional programs for people who have eating disorders or live in poverty with limited or no access to healthy food.

Over time, especially after the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have become more health-conscious.

As a result, the demand for Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists has increased, with a better career and salary outlook. 

In the United States, the average base salary for a Registered Nutrition in 2022 is estimated to be $66,100, with an average total cash compensation (incentive and bonuses).

The annual income is approximately $66,200.

The annual income is not static.

It depends on various factors and ranges from $60,200 to $72,600, but it can go below or even above this range, depending on your competency as Healthcare Personnel.

According to the percentile, here is how the salary outlook appears: 

PercentileAverage Nutritionist Salary (Per Year)
10th percentile$54,828
25th percentile$60,200
50th percentile$66,100
75th percentile $72,600
90th percentile$78.518

It is simple math that the 10th percentile refers to low earners while the 90th percentile refers to the top earners.

However, the majority of Nutritionists fall in between the 25th to 75th percentile.

You may ask why.

With the same education and same profession, the income potential varies.

This is because certain factors impact the digits of your paycheck. 

Keep reading to learn how to make it to the 90th percentile or earn even more.

Factors that Impact Nutritionist Salary

In every profession, people have different earning potentials.

You might have graduated with your friend, but they might be making more or less than you.

Factors that Impact Nutritionist Salary

Here are the common factors that influence your salary as a Nutritionist: 

  • The state you live in: the cost of living, how much you spend on food and transportation in relevance to how much you are paid
  • The workplace you are employed at: even in the same state, different cities and workplaces offer different salary packages as per the job title, moreover, your annual income depends on whether you work part-time or full-time.  
  • Level of education/ qualification: as they say, education sky’s the limit and to land the highest paying job, extra qualifications and credentials to your name can be a plus.
  • Years of experience: as a patient, every person wants to be an experienced healthcare professional; even employers make it clear that they are hiring “experienced individuals” for the job openings. 

So, the more experience you have, the brighter your future and paycheck looks.

After investing in years of education and hands-on training, you would want to live a good life while simultaneously saving your future. 

Nutritionist Salary Outlook by State 

To help you understand if your current state is the right place to earn or if you need to relocate to another state to land your dream job and live the life you want, we have enlisted the top five highest-paying states in the U.S. 

California: $82,380 annually 

A beautiful state with lucrative earning potential, it harbors some of the most progressive cities in the U.S. San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Jose are expanding their healthcare sector massively, creating more work opportunities with a good salary outlook. 

Washington, DC: $80,600 annually 

As the capital of the United States, this state is home to the highest paying industries for Registered Nutritionists, including pharmaceuticals, home health care, and other scientific agencies that need nutrition services. 

Hawaii: $75,020 annually 

This is not only tourism but a healthcare hub, harboring the busiest and most progressive cities in the U.S.

If you are planning to relocate, Hawaii must be on your list not just as a vacation spot but as a career destination. 

New Jersey: $74,850 annually 

Famous for its exotic resorts and breathtaking coastline views, New Jersey expanded its healthcare sector once it reopened the tourist spots after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

So, if you wish to spend your life chilling on beaches while providing your nutrition services to people from diverse backgrounds and earning goods, this state should be on your list. 

Rhode Island: $74,080 annually 

If you want to live and work in a peaceful city with scenic attractions on the outskirts of the Northern United States while earning a good salary, then there is no place better than Rhode Island to relocate.  

While these states are not your only options, you can move to any city or state you want.

Here is an overview of the annual Nutritionist salary outlook by state according to the BLS- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for the most common states.

This salary range is as per the national average percentile that depends on your competency and other factors affecting the Nutritionist’s annual salary:

U.S State10th Percentile(Bottom 10%)25th-75th Percentile (Median 50%)90th Percentile(Top 10%)
District of Columbia$47,150$77,810$101,220
Louisiana $46,980$60,160$77,960
North Carolina$37,310$60,040$78,230
New Jersey$59,280$76,270$94,880
New Mexico$45,200$61,090$80,200
New York$48,000$75,000$98,540
Rhode Island$38,160$74,970$100,650

You may wonder why your pay scale is different from your seniors or juniors, even in the same city or the same state. 

Well, there are other factors that you must know about as they have a huge influence on your job growth and affect your income.

Nutritionist Salary by Industry and Workplace 

Depending on the industry or workplace, different cities in the same state can offer different average salary packages per annum. 

The good part is that Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists are not bound to work in a particular industry.

Instead, they can join diverse workplaces and gain experience to make their resume look good. 

Enlisted are some of the major and top-paying industries that offer Nutritionist jobs to promote public health awareness and encourage people working in various sectors to live a healthy lifestyle: 

Type of WorkplaceAverage Annual Salary 
Pharmaceutical and other medicine manufacturing sectors$93,920
Home healthcare (provide medical nutrition therapy)$79,110
Scientific research and nutrition services$74,990
Outpatient care (clinical nutrition)$69,660
Governmental and federal agencies$64,010
Nursing care facilities $64,330
Hospital setting (general or surgical care)$63,380 
Specialty or dietary food services $60,520

While the workplaces and work hours can differ, the major role of a Registered Nutritionist is to create, monitor, and keep a follow-up on health-benefits nutrition plans.  

If you do not like working under a “boss,” you can also work as a self-employed Nutritionist in your private practice and charge up to $60-$100 per session. 

Nutritionist Salary by Level of Education  

To kickstart your career as a Nutritionist, you need to at least have a Bachelor’s Degree in nutritional sciences, so you can start earning.  

However, to improve your skills and pay scale, you can gain as many qualifications and credentials such as a Master’s Degree in Nutrition or Public Health. 

Here is how the salary outlook appears depending on your level of education:

Level of EducationAverage Annual  Salary
Associate’s Degree$67,070
Bachelor’s Degree$68,525
Master’s Degree$69,010
PhD (JD, MD)$69,301

There is no age to learning, there is no limit to earning. 

Nutritionist Salary by Years of Experience

In any health care profession, your experience matters the most.

You can have a bachelor’s degree with 10 years of experience and earn more than a person with a master’s degree but zero experience. 

While your academic base is made stronger via education, your experience allows you to explore various ways to work with different patients because no two bodies are the same. 

Your clinical nutrition plan for a person with diabetes may not work for a person with heart disease- as you gain experience as a Nutritionist, you learn the art of dealing with people.

Years of Experience Average Annual Salary 

It is evident that you can increase or decrease your annual income as much as you want. 


People are getting aware of healthy diet plans and their effects on their lives.

Hence the demand for Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists is increasing exponentially. 

This health care professional imposes less work stress while allowing you to serve your community, rewarding you emotionally and financially.

Therefore, if you plan to pursue your career as a Nutritionist, ensure that you consider all the factors that can affect the Nutritionist’s salary and your career. 


What are the highest paying Nutritionist jobs?

WorkplaceAverage Annual Salary 
Pharmaceutical and other medicine manufacturing sectors$93,920
Home healthcare $79,110
Scientific research and nutrition services$74,990
Outpatient care $69,660
Governmental agencies$64,010
Nursing care facilities $64,330
Hospital setting (general or surgical care)$63,380 
Specialty or dietary food services $60,520

What is the average Nutritionist’s annual salary as per the level of education?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Nutritionist salary outlook appears depending on your level of education:

Level of EducationAverage Annual  Salary
Associate’s Degree$67,070
Bachelor’s Degree$68,525
Master’s Degree$69,010
PhD (JD, MD)$69,301

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